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Someone abducted you. Try to escape the house and face a very scary jumpscares.

Warning: This game contain a lot of jumpscares Do not play if you have a weak heart.

For better experience use a headphones.

Tips: There is keys for the doors that could be found in a safes. All keys that could be found in the house are for the safes only, every key is refer to a specific safe by a number (Example: Key 1 can open safe 1| Key 2 can open safe 2)

Every safe has a key for a specific door. So if you open a safe and you found the key in that safe and it did not opened a door then the key that you found is not for that door, I suggest you to collect all keys in the house then open all safes and collect all door keys to open them all. 

Press 'E' to pick up keys or open safe and doors.

How do you find the keys for the safe? Key can be found in the kitchen, other key in the girl's room (When you enter the girl's room turn left and climb that drawer closet and you'll find it in top of it), another key can be found in the next floor to the left side you'll find it in a room which there is a bed just pay attention and you'll find it, last key can be found in the last room in the right.

There is 4 levels in this game, The haunted house, The forest, The police station, and your house. In the forest you need to pick up the flash light that on the table then go to the right side climb the plank to the tree then get down, keep moving forward to the next level. The rest is very easy to complete. 

The rest of the instructions could be found in the game.

If you have any questions just contact me here. 



Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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